The quality management system

The company has implemented a quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2009,
environmental management system meets the requirements of EN ISO 14001:2005,
Safety Management System and Occupational Health OHSAS 18001:2008,
č.3009/069-12/BOZP issued by the Research Institute of Building Structures Ltd.

The Integrated Management System

STATUS Construction Company OJSC

Valid from 2nd First 2012

The company's management is fully aware of the crucial importance of quality of all activities and the fact that the processes associated with the implementation of contracts, are burdened with risks in the areas of environment, health and safety. The strategic aim of our company is a systematic approach to achieve high quality and reliability of service while minimizing negative impacts on the environment and improve the safety and health of workers at work. Therefore, in the company implemented an integrated management system in these three areas to ensure continuous improvement of service quality and to avoid or minimize the risk of environmental impact and safety. Company management has formulated these policy principles and committed to their implementation within the company:

First Meet the needs and expectations of our customers while meeting legal requirements and other requirements for quality, environmental, health and safety at work.
Second Implement and develop an integrated management system and improve its efficiency.
3rd Provide services with regard to the efficient use of water, energy, materials, and creating the conditions for a safe and healthy working environment.
4th Preventing the risk of pollution and prevent the possibility of emergency situations, the consequences of which can have a negative impact on the environment, safety and health of employees.
5th Increase engagement, motivation, awareness and professional level employees with a focus on service quality, environmental, health and safety at work.
6th Create mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust, fairness, high quality services, care for the environment and raising the level of health and safety at work.
7th Continuously improve the quality of services provided and the level of environmental protection, health and safety at work, in line with the latest scientific knowledge, customer requirements and expectations of the public.

The company's management is committed to providing support and resources needed to create the conditions for the implementation of a stated policy of integrated management system. From employees, management anticipates that within their competence and responsibility to contribute actively to the implementation of sustainable principles stated policy of integrated management system.


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